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About Millie


That awkward moment when you’re searching for some kind of inspiring quote to put on your about page and you realise that everything you want to say is actually a Shakira song.   You can check it out here if you like, the video features a number of ridiculously over-sexualised cartoon animals, but I love the sentiment of it.

In a nutshell it’s telling us to try everything and that we never learn without failing and that we should make new mistakes everyday. 

Curiously Mills

Hi, I’m Millie and this is my blog.

After several years of blogging professionally I’ve gone back to being a ‘hobby blogger’ and I couldn’t be happier about it.  This is where I write about all the things that interest me; travel, food, art, culture, history, books, a bit of beauty and a smidge of style every now and then.  I believe the technical term for this is a ‘lifestyle’ blog.  So, welcome to my lifestyle blog.

I left London in 2012 and spent three years based in Brussels, learning how to TEFL and travelling around Europe.  In 2015 it was time to shift things a little further east and my hubby and I settled down in Dubai.

I absolutely love living in the UAE, it isn’t perfect (but really, where is?) but there is so much to do here and it is an excellent base from a travelling point of view.  I’ve been able to hop on over to Australia, spend time in South Africa, check out a little of Asia and explore most of the Middle East.

I’ve been blogging about travel over on since 2009, but as my life and interests have changed, I wanted my blog to reflect that, so in 2017 I set up this whole new blog.

I hope you’ll stick around, or come back soon.